Benefits of Visual Memories

Will there always be the need for working to earn money for life? Yes. That’s just another one of those facts of life.

Will there always be the clutter of children?  No.  They will grow, leave home and live their lives.

Will you ever have the “To Do List” completed?  Probably not. There will always be something needing done.

Everyone needs to a vacation.  If only to disconnect from the normal routine.  Explore your neighborhood, your hometown, your home.  If you are able to visit places away from home, GO.  While you record photographs of the visit, get in some of them too.  

As the professional photographer for my family, I am not in most of our photos. As much as I look reflecting on photos later, I know that precise moment in my life line will NEVER repeat.  I will have my mental memories but physical visual memories are tangible.  I will never have the exact look in my eyes, hair, or emotion when it was taken. No I may wish I had makeup on, different outfit, on and on.  

Those in my life (family and friends) will want me in their visual memories too! When I lost one of my best friends, I looked through my photos.  My memories were renewed as I found them.  They are PRECIOUS to me!

Enjoy your visual memories.  Print them so you can hold them in your hand.  Don’t risk a devastating corrupted file, hard drive malfunction in a computer system, an accidental delete button on your phone, etc.  The digital age is wonderful when it works.  Don’t assume it will always work!  At least with a physical photo, you can scan it again!

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