Choosing the right photographer

When choosing your photographer, does he/she have a website?  This is a technology age. Lots of “photographers” can have social media sites.  A professional photographer will have a website.  A professional embraces their role as a visual artist.

Check out your choices with your local governments.  Are they properly licensed within your city or county?  The Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource for determining a photographer’s reputation.  Does the photographer’s personality mesh with yours?  Do you enjoy talking and spending time with your photographer?  If you are not comfortable with him/her, you will not have a great experience.  Research your prospects before committing and investing your time and money.

Every market tends to be saturated. A great price can become an expensive price if you aren’t happy.   Do you put your confidence and trust in an inexperienced computer technician, lawyer, carpenter, teacher, accountant, law enforcement, fire, or medical personnel?  A professional treats their profession with education AND experience.  A professional photographer deserves to be paid for their time and talent.

Anyone can learn the basics of photography.  Just because someone can follow a camera’s instruction manual, does not mean that he/she is talented. Do they have the knowledge to produce quality photos?  Do they only know how to follow step by step directions?  After knowledge comes experience and talent.  

A professional photographer knows how to make sure your photos look great.  No need to be concerned about not being “photogenic enough” or making drastic changes first.  Trust their expertise in posing to make you look thinner than you are.  Trust their expertise in working with children to help them behave during a session.  Trust their expertise to provide you with photos that you love. 

P.S.  I don’t want to just “sell” my services.  I don’t want to spin lines about how great I am.  I want you to trust your instincts for a photographer and receive quality visual memories.

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