Details behind photos

Details are simple tiny but powerful in our favorite photos.  Whether its tiny fingers and toes?  Whether it’s a yawn or grin?  Whether mischievous or soulful eyes?  Whether hand in hand or cheek to cheek?  When tiny details are visible in your images, another emotional bond occurs.  Pride!  That’s a great compliment to your genetics.

I saw a post a couple days ago that made me pause and then agree.  If twin brothers marry twin sisters, their children will be siblings.  Siblings not cousins, but cousins would be less confusing.

I enjoy sharing experiences with other photographers.  Yes we have a competitive profession.  It does benefit each other, even if to borrow equipment. 

One photographer was discussing a fourth generation session.  BJ said the baby daughter was being held by her momma.  Grandma was holding a little foot.  The baby started fussing and all eyes shifted down, even great-grandma.  BJ snapped the image!  It was a completely random moment captured by an experienced photographer.  The detail of the powerful love toward that tiny girl created an image to treasure.

Another photographer was doing a child session.  She was setting up for a pose.  The two-year-old was playing with her baby doll.  A quick kiss on her baby’s cheek recorded the love for her favorite baby by paying attention.  

This post’s image was captured when a three-year-old got to pet one of our new dachshund puppies.  Her daddy was highly allergic.  Her intake of breath and tender touch was captured with the first puppy that she had gotten to pet.  I absolutely love catching less obvious details.   The magic in a moment!


P.S.   Camera Trivia – One of the world’s smallest cameras is only 1” tall.  It has autofocus and takes both photos and video.  I don’t think even my finger dexterity could click that tiny shutter.

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