Finding A Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 1: Research Your Portrait Style Preference

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

You have met your soul mate. You have decided to celebrate with a marriage. After a whirlwind of sharing your engagement news to family and friends, the planning stage begins.

When you are ready to find your wedding photographer, here is some advice to help. There is much more involvement to making your choice than price only! Let’s start with considerations prior to expense.

What type of images do you like? 

There are different classifications of wedding photography styles to consider. Documentary, Portraiture, Fine Art and Edgy & Bold.  Documentary (also known as Photojournalist) will be candid or spontaneous images. Portraiture will be time-honored classic poses. Fine Art will be dramatic images against blurred backgrounds. Edgy & Bold feature tilted angles (known as Dutch Angles) instead of conventional horizontal or vertical framing. It is normal to want a combination of styles. 

Your wedding photographer choice is unlike any other vendor. You make specific floral choices with the florists. You listen to musicians, bands or DJs. The caterers and bakers involve tasting of yummy goods. The photographer is tasked with preservation of your memories. Your images are unknown until afterwards of your wedding.  

Websites and Social Media provide a resource of information. They provide insight into each photographer. Styles and skills are evident with their images. Personality and sensibility are visible in their words. Compile a list of your prospective photographers. Again expense is not priority! The budget will come later in the decision making process.

Now it’s time to reach out to the photographers. 

Unless you are flexible to change, the first question needs be the availability for your wedding date. Once you have confirmed availability, it is time to coordinate schedules. Schedule in-person consultations with available potential photographers.


Next: Part 2: Have Consultations To Compare Choices

P.S  A good photographer should be present but not the center of attention or obtrusive! The most important thing to remember at the end of your wedding day is that “You married your soul mate!”


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