Shutterbug's Thoughts
Exploration the love of photography
When I began my love of photography in 1982, I’m proud to say I’m self-taught!  I bought my first 35 mm camera for $600 and started experimenting.  My mother informed me that she thought that she had taught me better than to “waste” money.  After a couple of years, my camera became an extension of […] Read More

Precision accuracy while competitive
Precision while being accuracy in photography is similar to marching band competitions.   Marching band is the most individualized critical sport.  Yes it is a sport!  During a mere five minute program, each member performs their music.  While playing their instrument, they coordinate moves with precision for you.  Accuracy and precision blending with the band for […] Read More

New Year resolution for 2017
A resolution is a desire to change a negative into a positive in your life.  Whether weight loss or to stop smoking?  Whatever you choose, strive for a realistic goal for your next year.As a photographer, my resolution is to be visible in more personal family photos.  In a blink, another year has passed.  My […] Read More

Unique Specialized 2017 Calendars
I enjoy creating calendars for the coming new year as a traditional seasonal gift. I design each calendar to showcase images of our families, customizing with specific details for each family.  I put in birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, or upcoming graduation and wedding dates.These calendars are perfect gifts for family, grandparents, or those “who don’t […] Read More

I Can See Clearly Again!
There is so much to see since this time last year. I was in early recovery after my third eye surgery in four months. I’m so lucky to see things! I was treated by two different specialists, one for a detached retina and the other for cataract lens replacement. I’m still dealing with side effects […] Read More

Anniversary celebration with remembering when
Please allow me a few minutes of your time.  Today I will celebrating my 25th anniversary.  <Thank you very much I can’t believe it has been that long.> I was planning a renewing vows celebration but mid-week scheduling didn’t work out.  When I was reflecting upon our wedding photos, I saw faces that have past.  I […] Read More

Congratulations 2016!
I want to extend congrats to all graduates of 2016!  Whether high school or college, all of your hard work has paid off.  Celebrate safely as your future plans are new, exciting, and waiting for you Read More

Photo Control at Weddings
Should there be photo control and a limit to the number of cameras capturing wedding images?  A couple of years ago I would have said “Definitely not!”  Sometimes a different moment or angle can capture a special look or behind-the-scenes shot of the wedding party.With the popularity of cell phones, I began to lean away […] Read More

Receive a great photographic experience
This a complete A to Z list for a great photographic experience.  Are there other top things to look for?  Of course!  I just want to create a basic beginning to help you make your choice in a photographer.  Just like everything in the world, there are different shapes, colors, styles and flavors.  Not everyone […] Read More

Benefits of Visual Memories
Will there always be the need for working to earn money for life? Yes. That’s just another one of those facts of life.Will there always be the clutter of children?  No.  They will grow, leave home and live their lives.Will you ever have the “To Do List” completed?  Probably not. There will always be something […] Read More