Is The Latest and Greatest Better?

Does a college education guarantee a great job after graduation? No but it can help. Does a college degree make a better photographer? No but it can help. IMPORTANT note here is what you learn in school is nothing compared to what you learn in life.

Does a new camera take better photos? No but it can help. A camera is only as good as a working knowledge of using it properly. The biggest and best does nothing if you don’t know how to use all the features. Personally I prefer my camera with its scratches and comfortable fit in my hands. I can switch controls without searching for the specific settings. I know what my camera’s results will be.

Is everyone capable of taking photos?  Yes just like everyone can draw.  Getting a snap shot equals sticks and circles.

An artist applies the skin texture, curves and shadows. Knowledge to pose or eliminate distractions is learned. Knowledge is important but it also needs experience.

Nothing equals some experience, pressure, and patience to produce quality images. Experience to compose the image before you click the shutter vs editing on a computer later.  Pressure to do quality work in a specific time period with less than perfect conditions. Patience to work with what you have to work with whether fussy children, nervous pets, or even the wind.

Do I like trying out new equipment? Of course I do! To experiment to see what you can create is fun! If it isn’t fun, I would rethink calling yourself a photographer. Enjoying the uniquely created images is the goal of everyone with a camera.

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