Legacy gift of you

Legacy is a basic gift that you give your family.  By definition it can refer to something that is a result of events in the past.

There is a saying is that it takes a village to raise a child.  I hope that I, my husband, our children, and those around us are results of the community/how we were raised.  A child who knows the consequences of his/her actions will develop into a productive adult in society.  A solid network of relationships and values connect and bind us into our legacy.  It does take a village/community.  A community of parents, care givers, educators, clubs and teams working, cooperating, playing and facing struggles together.  No individual can do everything equally.  We all benefit from interacting and learning from each other.

Legacy also applies to family traditions, sayings and mannerisms.  Here are some of my personal most predominate inheritances.

When decorating for each holiday, you must wait until the current one is past.  You must give the turkey his day before you put Christmas decorations.

When offering advice, my father’s favorite expression begins with “If I were as big as you, …”

When baking, you must “smell” like it.  After you use vanilla extract, you must dab some extract behind your ears.   

When petting a purring cat, it may start “making biscuits” with its front paws.  While volunteering at an animal rescue a couple of years ago, I learned that it was actually called “kneading”.

I scrutinize each of my images beyond just crisp, in-focus re-creations.  I want each to reflect emotions (love, pride, joy, etc.).  I was raised to give 100% of whatever job I undertake.  I want my professional legacy to provide visual memories from your past.  We all strive to reflect on the past as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

P.S. Schedule some time and put down your electronic devices.  Share some of your legacy memories with each other.

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