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Photo Control at Weddings

Should there be photo control and a limit to the number of cameras capturing wedding images?  A couple of years ago I would have said “Definitely not!”  Sometimes a different moment or angle can capture a special look or behind-the-scenes shot of the wedding party.

With the popularity of cell phones, I began to lean away from that point of view.  Add to that group the growing number of other devices that can take images, I’m tilting the other way.  I pondered my best word choices for this next sentence.  Please exercise photo control!  I’m not talking about exclusivity. After I photograph a set pose, I have no problem allowing others to take photos. My responsibility, however, is to the bride and groom.

As a professional photographer, I’m striving to create clear, precise visual memories. Enthusiastic guests, vying for space at the church aisle, are becoming my pet peeve.  🙄   Nothing is more frustrating than framing an image, waiting for a smile or look, clicking the shutter, and, instead of the image I wanted, I have the back or head of a guest who popped out “to get a quick pic”.  I can only imagine how anxious the groom must be.  He wants to see his beautiful bride and can only see peoples’ backs obstructing his view.

On the other hand, I don’t even want to discuss all of the photos taken with my back side predominately there!  Those sweet people didn’t want to get in my way, so they took their photos while I organized the poses.  That’s a subject for a different day!

Please remember, couples hire a photographer to create quality enlargements of their special day and this happens with professional equipment, not a mobile device.  Obviously, the bride and groom want their photographer there and guests wouldn’t think to hinder the minister, caterer, or DJ/band.  On behalf of the professionals charged with creating memories and the couples who trust them, don’t hinder the photographer!  Please consider your placement when grabbing a quick pic and exercise photo control.

Have you had a great shot photobombed by someone else with a camera? Share your story or opinion about photo control, both wedding couples and wedding guests.

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