The Secret to Perspective of Gratitude is Easier Than You Think

What happens when you make a conscious choice to view gratitude in daily life?

I HAVE to do a photo session this weekend! Nope! I GET to do a photo session this weekend!

So much of your experiences depend upon how you view it! It really does start and end with you.  It’s as simple as rephrasing your thoughts and words from a “have to” list to your gratitude of “get to” list. After all we “get to” spend our lives on this planet. We “get to” lead our days and make our choices, whether good or poor ones. Once we are born, the only one thing that you “HAVE TO DO” will be eventually die.

*I “get to” wake up to challenge another day.  I “get to” choose what to wear, eat, etc. My “get to do” list reminds me of how full my life is. My list can seem overwhelming at times. My list needs to be done but I “get to” choose the priority of my day.

*I “get to” feel better by keeping my scheduled appointments. I “get to” reduce expenses by earning via employment. I “get to” choose my doctors, veterinarians, technicians, etc. for situations that I need help with.

*I “get to” spend my time photographing life around me. I “get to” share my love as a photographer by offering my services to others. I “get to” provide you with a great experience for a memory in your life.

How important is conscious choice in our daily life?

A really smart friend taught me that everyone (even our children) wants a choice. When I was working with scouts and using exactly the same materials, the last child wants to choose. The simple solution: Have a couple extras!  Whether picking our produce or clothes in the stores? Everyone wants a choice in making a selection. No one wants to always get the last item. Unless it’s a limited great sale and you got the very last one in the store! 

How important is conscious choice in your photographer?

Choosing a photographer for your memories is no different. You get referrals for several photographers. You “get to” spend time with two or three photographers, whose examples of previous images you like. Afterwards you “get to” enjoy your experience based upon your choice and not because it was the last choice.

Here’s hoping that you have “get to” make conscious choices for your next photographic experience!


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