Being someone’s everyday hero for the month of May

Everyone can be a hero each and every day to those you connect with. 

The month of May is a celebration of day, week and month holidays.  I hope that I don’t forget a single one.  A month of support to Foster Care.  We honor week dedications to National Nurses, National Police, and Emergency Medical Services.  There are single days dedicated to World Red Cross, National Teachers, School Nurse, Child Care/Daycare Provider, Military Spouses, Mothers, and National Waitstaff.

Our professional heroes are truly dedicated people!  They honor a special calling to do what they do.  It takes a special type of person to go against a natural instinct.  To go straight towards danger instead of away from it.  

It is also more than just being of service to others.  It provides support with care, education and inspiration to our future generations.  I’ll let you in on a secret… Lean close to the screen. Everyone appreciates recognition and thanks!  Recognition provides every job with an importance factor.    

May is also the national celebration of Photography Month.  The future technology may be unable to operate CD/DVDs and flash drives.  The loss of corrupt and deleted computer files.  What if something happens in the future to the popular Cloud backup?  In this day and age of digital photography, physical photos are the unsung heroes! Appreciate your photos and rotate their presence in your life.

With the convenience of digital, the temptation is to wait to print images until later.  One of the most important things for your visual memories is to actually print them.  Being able to enjoy actual prints whether upon your wall or on a shelf.  Being able to hold a physical memory is more meaningful instead of a storage devise containing that memory.

Are we all willing to be a professional hero?  No but everyone can be someone’s hero for a few minutes every day.


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