Essential Makings in Just a Digital Image

Do you think a photo is only about a digital image?

There is so much more to photography than just a digital image.  Photography is just like any other professional job. There is differences between hobbyists and professionals.  Photography is just like every industry and sport.
After the Winter Olympics 2018 concluded I thought about all the athletes.  It is so much more than just the love of their sport.  It’s more than mastering a single jump, race, or making a single shot.  Olympic athletes spend hours and years of practice, struggles and discipline to reach that single competition.  There is so much investment getting to your first Olympics.  There is only 1460 days between your first and second.

Photography is much more than just digital data creating a single image. 

First there is the expense of basic camera equipment.  Some cover this initial purchase from their regular job.  Next is hours of practice learning proper lighting and composition.  These basic skills continue to be improved upon.  As your skills improve so will the need for newer and better equipment.  Bring out your checkbook!  With each new piece of equipment, more practice is required until its operation is instinctual.  As equipment is used it will break, need repairs and replacement.  Don’t forget the computer to process that digital image.
Professional photographers use the same equipment but with more frequency, so more repairs and replacements.  In addition is the business expenses of rent, utilities, insurance coverage, and staff.  There are additional expenses for software updates, domain and website hosting, licensing and marketing.  How do you pay your bills?  At your job.  After monthly expenses, professional photographers pay their personal bills from theirs.  Do you have paid holidays, sick days, or vacations?  Self-employed professional photographer do not receive these paid benefits.
Do you still think that its just digital data creating our images?  It’s hours and years of expertise and knowledge.  It’s more than just skills and fancy equipment.  Photographers work hard to improve each and every aspect of our images.  Final photos are much than just a single digital image.

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