Finding a Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 5: What your expectations should be

Congratulations on signing a contract with your wedding photographer!

The contract addresses specifics of your wedding photos expectations.  Another check mark off your wedding day “to do list”.  You love examples of your photographer’s previous work.  Now if you could silence that pesky voice that your images can’t possibly look that good.


How can you be totally blown away with your photos?

I will let you in on the easiest way to ensure that you look great in your wedding photos.  Relax and trust in your photographer.  The best way to relieve your jitters?  Your engagement session!

When you provide your photographer with your wedding plans style, your engagement photos can reflect it!  Whether casual informal with a park picnic; classic formal with wine tasting, or country rustic with cowboy boots and hats.

Your engagement is already included in your budget.  There is no additional expense involved!  This is one of those fun pre-wedding activities.  Relax and enjoy pre-wedding time with your sweetheart in front of your professional photographer.


Wedding Day Expectations?

At this point, you may have every moment calculated from wake up to relaxing after the reception.  Some things require maintaining a schedule.  I urge you to allow some unscheduled time to breathe and simply enjoy your wedding.  Your wedding day will pass way too quickly.  

However if you need a few minutes by yourself, say so and do so.  This applies to either the bride or groom!  If the ceremony doesn’t start EXACTLY on time, it can’t start WITHOUT you.  Do you remember what I have mentioned throughout this series?  Hint:  About the most important thing on your wedding day? 

The most important thing to remember at the end of your wedding day is that “You married your soul mate!”

If it wasn’t important enough to remember prior to the wedding, it wasn’t that important.  Trust your wedding planner and photographer who will be with your wedding throughout the entire day.  Trust your hair stylist and florist to make you look your best.  Trust your officiant to legalize your marriage at the church.  Trust your baker, caterer, musicians/DJ to celebrate with family and friends.  Trust in the people around you to ensure the most important things flow smoothly.  


What happened to all the photos taken?

The average photographer will record approximately 50 to 100 images an hour.  However your photographer will not process ALL the images.  The photos provided to you will reflect the best of them. Your photographer does not benefit by hiding any quality photos from you.  Blinks, blurs, photo bombs, and lesser duplicates are removed.  Every click of the camera will not equal a usable image. 



The final repeat of this series mantra.  A good photographer should be present but not the center of attention or obtrusive! The most important thing to remember at the end of your wedding day is that “You married your soul mate!”

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