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Rise of Photographer Kids Syndrome
Recently, professional photographers have noticed a rise against them by their favorite models – their own children.  Yes, you read that correctly!  It has become known as Photographer Kids Syndrome (PKS). According to reports from around the globe, the normal smiles and grins of photographers’ children are being replaced with frowns and pouts.  Instead of mischievous, […] Read More

A secret that everyone should know about motherhood.
What is the secret that everyone should know about motherhood? Realize how quickly the years speed bye once your children are born!  It doesn’t seem possible that my human children are no longer babies.  The first few blurry months due to lack of continuous sleep.  Watching them learn and discover new and exciting things. Remembering […] Read More

Being someone’s everyday hero for the month of May
Everyone can be a hero each and every day to those you connect with.  The month of May is a celebration of day, week and month holidays.  I hope that I don’t forget a single one.  A month of support to Foster Care.  We honor week dedications to National Nurses, National Police, and Emergency Medical […] Read More

When do you know if your parental pride is too much of a good thing? What is the first symptom?
May and graduations are almost here.  For parents this begins a roller coaster of bursting pride.  Proud of everything your child accomplished this past year.  For graduating high school parents, the pride of their accomplishments while mixed with nostalgia of memories.  For parents of postsecondary education (college or trade), the pride of their further education […] Read More

Finding A Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 4: Contract? Definitely And Why
Congratulations on your wedding photographer commitment! You reached a balance, within your budget to hire a great photographer, to capture your once-in-a-lifetime memories.  Photographers typically will not commit to your wedding date without receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.  The longer it takes to supply both items increases the chance of another couple […] Read More

Perspecitve of Gratitude
I HAVE to do a photo session this weekend! Nope! I GET to do a photo session this weekend! What happens when you make a conscious choice to view gratitude in daily life? So much of your experiences depends upon how you view it! It really does start and end with you. By simply rephrasing […] Read More