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Finding A Perfect Wedding Photographer – Part 4: Contract? Definitely And Why
Congratulations on your wedding photographer commitment! You reached a balance, within your budget to hire a great photographer, to capture your once-in-a-lifetime memories.  Photographers typically will not commit to your wedding date without receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.  The longer it takes to supply both items increases the chance of another couple […] Read More

Photographing of a Rainbow’s Brilliance
A rainbow is a bow or arc of prismatic colors that appear in the sky opposite the sun.  It is caused by the refraction and reflection of the sun’s rays in drops of rain. Despite the common “Circle of Life” analogue, I personally prefer the representation of a rainbow. Life starts with a miracle of […] Read More

Details behind photos
Details are simple tiny but powerful in our favorite photos.  Whether its tiny fingers and toes?  Whether it’s a yawn or grin?  Whether mischievous or soulful eyes?  Whether hand in hand or cheek to cheek?  When tiny details are visible in your images, another emotional bond occurs.  Pride!  That’s a great compliment to your genetics.I […] Read More

Legacy gift of you
Legacy is a basic gift that you give your family.  By definition it can refer to something that is a result of events in the past.There is a saying is that it takes a village to raise a child.  I hope that I, my husband, our children, and those around us are results of the […] Read More

Professional vs DIY
What is the difference between a professional and do-it-yourself?  I understand and appreciate the satisfaction of doing it yourself.  Sometimes the savings are not reflected in the amount of time involved.  Time and energy can sometimes be short in supply.Do you build a computer from components or install a new system?  Do you perform surgery […] Read More

Choosing the right photographer
When choosing your photographer, does he/she have a website?  This is a technology age. Lots of “photographers” can have social media sites.  A professional photographer will have a website.  A professional embraces their role as a visual artist.Check out your choices with your local governments.  Are they properly licensed within your city or county?  The […] Read More