Meaningful Ways to Experience More Grace

What exactly is grace?  It is easy to recognize but difficult to explain grace.  “What is grace?  I know until you ask me; when you ask me, I do not know.” – Saint Augustine

Intuitively you know what grace it, but trying to express this feeling can be a challenge.  Grace is not a thing or something you can hold.  It can be described as “Going with the flow.”  When you are in unison with the natural order of the world/universe, you feel a sense of grace.  Everything seems to make sense and reality equals harmony.  Intense gratitude and actions is motivated by having compassion for others.

Grace is when you authentically share your feelings and thoughts.  It balances out and liberates you from conflict impulses.  Balance is the necessary equilibrium of conflict:  joy and sorrow, birth and death, yin and yang.  You may not know the outcome of every situation but you embrace that balance.  Grace gives you strength to do the right thing, even when it is difficult to do so.  It happens when you follow your life with integrity. 

“Life puts us into endless awkward positions.  Fully embraced, these become emblematic postures of Dignity and Grace.” – Sky  

Grace is a connection to your legacy.  It’s a legacy from billions of years of evolution.  It’s your connection to each other and species (new and extinct), which formed who you are and shapes you will become.

Grace is a personal power that you can harness.  This power you can share with others, your community and ripple outward into the world.  It’s a power supported by something greater than one.  Grace is a process and not a fixed state of being.  The feeling of grace is impermanent.  Eventually, with enough practice, you can experience grace as the norm instead of occasionally.

How do you experience more grace?  Remember that your life is a gift.  Laugh – Love

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