When do you know if your parental pride is too much of a good thing? What is the first symptom?

May and graduations are almost here.  For parents this begins a roller coaster of bursting pride.  Proud of everything your child accomplished this past year.  For graduating high school parents, the pride of their accomplishments while mixed with nostalgia of memories.  For parents of postsecondary education (college or trade), the pride of their further education and the expansion of opportunities.


What’s the difference between making and taking photos?

By definition, making refers to creating or fabricating while taking refers to captivating.  Making photos is determine by combination of best location, lighting and angles to creating unique images.  The purpose of a professional photographer is making creative visual memories.


While budgeting for graduation expenses (cap/gown and invitations), plan to purchase an official graduation photo.  The exact moment in personal pride, upon receiving your diploma, can’t be duplicated.  Let a professional photographer make an image that shows that immediate beam of pride.  Personal photographers will not be allowed near the stage. 


Taking photos is simply capturing the scene in front of the lens.  Taking photos let you replay life as it happens.  All photos provide visual replays of past memories.   


I believe that expressive pride is a selective and raw emotion.  Once you have your graduate in front of your camera, zoom in tight with your photos!  Concentrate on capturing the pride within the eyes and smiles.  This will eliminate the distraction of people other than your own.  Make sure that you get lots of close ups with those invited attendants of your graduate.  


Recreating pride, even at a celebration immediately following, is not as magical as immediately following graduation.  Of course everyone is still very proud of the graduate.  However, I think that this emotion is more of pure happiness.  Still a great emotion but not exactly expressive pride.


In response to determining if you have too much parental pride? This is definitely NOT one of the occasions for this emotion.  Graduation is a conclusion to all the challenges and accomplishments to get there.  How do you know if it’s too much?  When family and friends’ eyes start to glaze over, it might be too much.  It might be time to change the subject. 


Congratulations to all new graduates for your success! Congratulations to the proud family and friends of these graduates!

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