If you are ready to say “I do”, let me help make your day easier for you.

What To Expect

Wedding photographer services include your photographer at pre-ceremony, ceremony, outdoor locations, and the reception. Through my years of experience, I have come up with a “list” of major key poses that most people want. I have no problem with requests for special images, you just need to let me know. You can make a list of your special people and I’ll take as many images as needed. A bonus helper can be someone close to your families to assist locating these people. And, you’ll find that I am fun to have around as your wedding day photographer.


Once the contract is accepted, that date is closed. Don’t be a disappointed bride who puts this off, only to find some other bride got your date!

Pricing & Prints

My services are priced based on my expertise and the prints you order. That means no sitting fees. The payment schedule for your photograph print order is detailed below. Sales tax is included, so all prices are your total cost.

VIRTUAL ALBUM — Your wedding images recorded on an archive CD. Share your memories without getting smudges on your prints.

The Proposal!

“Dear Future Husband, please plan a secret photographer for your proposal. I would love a genuine photo of the moment. (Dear Best Friends, please make sure my future husband knows this.) Love Your Future Bride”

Hire Gillette Photography to capture your “will you marry me?” Price will depend upon the arrangements. A Gillette Photography camera can capture your proposal-in-progress.


Payments are due as follows:

  • $200 retainer with contract signatures
  • $500 payment on your wedding date
  • $200 payment on delivery of virtual album
    Now you can select the images for your print collection!
  • 50% of the selected print collection balance with order placement
    Save $25 for orders placed within 6 weeks after your wedding date
  • Remaining balance upon delivery of your print collection