If Positive Talk Works with Plants, Can It Work with Humans?

Why do we talk positively to plants but not each other?

Have you ever heard someone say horrible things to another person?  Have you wondered how anyone can think speaking to others that way is acceptable?  Whether speaking to yourself or someone else, words, if we allow them to, have the power to elevate or discourage.

“Self-talk” can boost everything related to well-being

Self-talk can be either negative or positive.  As a photographer, I am my own worst critic.  I remind myself that it’s only my artistic perspective.   We can all admit to days when we trash talk ourselves, but do we really need more negativity in our lives?   My self-talk focus is to stop berating myself about errors I would easily forgive others for.  I will change my inner voice from negative frustration to positive reinforcement.  I owe it to myself too!

Naturally, each of us wants our self-esteem boosted.  It fuels our self-worth and makes us feel more connected, whether participating in activities, interacting in organizations, or communicating on social media.    The trick is to be your own greatest fan.  Now, I’m not talking about becoming arrogant and self-centered.  What I mean is no one knows what makes you feel good about yourself better than you.  It follows that the person best qualified to be your cheerleader is you.

We must be careful to look through the proper end of the telescope to see clearly.  I was recently frustrated by my progress in physical therapy because it had been 60 days since surgery.  I was reminded it had been only 60 days since the second surgery on the same knee within eight months.  It really is a matter of having the correct perspective.

You are what you think and say.  Thinking good thoughts about yourself and saying positive things in your self-talk can be beneficial emotionally, psychologically, and physically.   Who knows, maybe a photo session, for no particular reason, may be just what you need.  You could autograph a couple for your greatest fan.


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