Rise of Photographer Kids Syndrome

Recently, professional photographers have noticed a rise against them by their favorite models – their own children.  Yes, you read that correctly!  It has become known as Photographer Kids Syndrome (PKS). According to reports from around the globe, the normal smiles and grins of photographers’ children are being replaced with frowns and pouts.  Instead of mischievous, expressive eyes, the kids are displaying blank glares.  Other accounts include eye rolls, sighs and sulking, complete avoidance of eye contact, and the list goes on and on.

Published studies by several independent research groups agree on the specific cause of PKS.  For every new piece of camera equipment the photographer parent acquires, they will need a model.  For each new photo-editing software technique, oh, look who needs a model.  Just because they found a neat spot for a background – no surprise – somebody needs another model!  Some days, PKS kids just don’t want to cooperate.  Sometimes it’s just too much and the screams and tears flow, despite the important and legitimate need for a model.  Just one more shot, I promise.

Prior to my digital camera, I took images with a 35mm camera.  I would take several images for a better expression with slightly different angles.  Once printed, I’d keep the best for myself then share or trash the others.  In the digital age, it’s a simple matter of deleting “bad” images.  Professional photographers have to carefully consider which hidden treasures are among these digital images of temperamental children.   Even we like to print a few of these memories of our children being cantankerous for the camera! 

As professional photographers, we have an enormous bag of tricks and strategies to get smiles out of children.  Our PKS kids keep us on our toes.  Let a professional photographer near you apply their skills to create fabulous visual memories of your child and family.

How can you help with PKS? Spread the word. All youngsters need to be famous with their photographer, whether a professional or amateur.  Children everywhere should feel the joy and unity of having their great moments captured on film or sensor array. Some day, those images will cause them to remember and smile.


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