A secret that everyone should know about motherhood.

What is the secret that everyone should know about motherhood? Realize how quickly the years speed bye once your children are born!  It doesn’t seem possible that my human children are no longer babies.  The first few blurry months due to lack of continuous sleep.  Watching them learn and discover new and exciting things. Remembering how small they seemed going into school that first year.  How nostalgic I got on their final exit from high school as graduates.  How emotional I am as they leave for college each year.

I know that change is inevitable!  I know it just like breathing itself.  Today I have to remind myself that I am being childish.    Yes, I admit to being half a century old and being childish!

As I was picking up the never ending mess this morning, I caught myself thinking “Man I will be glad when they had their own places and have to pick up after themselves.”  All I could see at the moment was their mess.  Snack wrappers that can not walk themselves to the trash can.  Shoes kicked off where they sat down instead of getting put away.  That never-ending stack of single socks missing a mate. Picking up the dog bowls and putting them away (we have a “pack” of mini dachshunds ranging from a two years old to twelve years).

Going through the never ending avalanche of mail consisting of bills, junk, magazines (oh wait most of that belongs to hubby and myself).  Oh I have to write myself another note to cancel an appointment when they open in two hours!  Where is a piece of scrap paper?  I’ll add to this stack of papers.  Ok that pile of papers are all mine – crap! ….

Our babies are morphing into responsible and caring young adults.  We have raised them to work hard and not expect things to be given to them.  They apply common sense, and work smarter not necessarily harder.  I am not meaning that as an oxymoron.  Start at the beginning with what works and work hard.  They show respect to others, patience with children and a love for nature and animals.  They are intelligent and working toward careers that match their personalities. 

I encourage every mom to appreciate photographic memories of motherhood.  Your babies will grow faster than you want them too. Am I proud of these two?  Yes I am!  The future looks bright with young adults like mine.  I am so lucky to have the title of “Mom”!


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